Why we Still Used Stamps in 2018

How Do Stamps Work

Stamps are used to prove that postage was paid. Before the existence of stamps, the cost of postage was covered by the person who received a letter. This worked well when only a few people were sending letters, and those people were all well-off people that knew each other well. When postage became mainstream and companies would send letters to customers, or children would send letters to pen-pals, the system of the recipient paying was too open to abuse. What if the recipient was not expecting the letter, or did not want it? The risk that the post would be refused was too great and would cause too much embarrassment to the recipient, as well as wasted time for the postal company.

Stamps solved that problem by putting the burden of the postal cost onto the sender. In the United States, a first class letter can be sent in a first-class sized envelope, assuming that the weight of the letter is within certain limits, for the cost of a single first-class stamp. These stamps are ‘forever stamps’ – this means that they are valid from the time of purchase ‘forever,’ regardless of whether the cost of sending a letter increases or not. A person could buy a large number of stamps today and then still use them several years from now assuming that they are undamaged.

Stamps show the postal service that the postage has been paid. They also help the automated sorting machines orient the letter for franking so that the letter is facing the right way around and is the right way up. All the buyer has to do is write the address on the envelope, and then put a stamp on the top right-hand side.

Stamps are universal. Other countries have stamps too, and a US stamp can be used to send a letter from the USA to England. A British stamp can be used to send a letter from England to the USA. The postal services have agreements with each other to support the carriage of letters internationally, and this means that for the sender and the recipient of the letter the process is as simple as possible. Today, we don’t send as much post as we used to, but the original idea of the stamp still holds true, making it an incredible invention from a long forgotten time in history. Please visit where to buy stamps to get more information.

The History of US Stamps

Why do We Have to Put a Stamp on our Letters?

If you’ve ever posted a letter recently, you’ve probably wondered why we have to put a stamp on it. To be fair, letters are a dying thing these days ” almost everything goes by email, or perhaps fax if you’re working at a big company. Letters are still used sometimes, though ” for Christmas, for sending paperwork, etc. The postal service needs to know that the letter you are sending has been paid for.

History of US Stamps

Postage stamps serve two purposes. The most obvious is that the postage stamp proves that the postage has been paid. The other thing that the postage does is to help the automated sorting machine ensure that the letter is facing in the right direction, and orientated correctly so that the letter can be dated and the stamp ‘cancelled,’ and so that the address is readable. The bottom quarter of the letter should be blank, for the processing barcode to be printed.

When to Used your Stamps

Stamps can sometimes be used to add decoration to your letters. Some people buy collector’s edition or themed stamps ” which is a nice touch if you’re sending a Christmas or Easter card. Indeed, in some parts of the world ” but not so much the USA ” stamps are traded like currency because they are a store of value.

Before inviting United States USPS

Before stamps were used, postage would be paid by the recipient, directly to the postman. This proved to be too much hassle and easily abused. Recipients don’t always want the letter they get, and even if they do, if they aren’t expecting it they may be unable to pay. Putting the burden of the postage on the sender was a better way of handling the postage system and proving to the postman or the post office that the postage was paid. Since there are ‘forever stamps’ now, which are a single pre-paid price and will be usable for a long time (even if the number of postage changes), this is a simple system for the sender of the letter. It costs one flat fee to send a message anywhere in the United States, as long as it fits in the first class letter envelope and meets the weight restrictions.

Not all stamps are picture stamps. Today, it is possible to use printed stamps, and many businesses do, but they are the same thing, and serve the same purpose. For more information please visit our sister site http://wheretobuystamp.org/ 


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